Car Service & Automotive Repairs For Maroubra Drivers

A car is a very complex piece of machinery and requires technical know-how as well as passion in the automotive industry to keep it in tip top condition. As car enthusiasts, we strive to be your trusted automotive mechanic located close to Maroubra. Whether it be cars or other vehicles, our mechanics have earned their relevant qualifications and developed industry knowledge to help you with your car services and repairs. Regardless of your car make or model, if you have an issue we will be able to help you find the most suitable solution.

Qualified Car Mechanic Available Near Maroubra

When you are having issues with your car, it may not always be enough to do a simple cosmetic repair. A professional car mechanic will be able to go one step further and look out for any underlying issues with your car’s engine. This is why getting your car serviced regularly by a trained car mechanic is very important. Not only will all urgent issues surface under the keen eyes of a professional, you will also be able to get parts repaired or replaced before the problems starts becoming severe or too expensive for repair.

You know you can trust our mechanics because we offer reliable services at a reasonable cost. Any issues in your car, big or small, will be made known to you prior to any repairs or replacement so you know what to expect before returning for a pick up. We offer options wherever possible, and ultimately work with you to ensure your car can run smoothly and reliably until your next car service is due.

Randwick Automotive Provides Reliable Car Service & Repairs

While Randwick Automotive is located in Randwick, we have been servicing the wider community for years, with customers from all over Maroubra and Bondi trusting us with their cars. Contact us today to make a booking for your car’s next service, or call us at (02) 8095 0156 for any other automotive related issues.